The Whale

The Biggest Climate Engineer In The World

Whales are the oceans’ biggest producers of manure. This makes them not just of vital importance to the biodiversity in water, but to humankind as well. Their poo fertilises phytoplankton, and phytoplankton is the main source of nutrients for fish and accounts for 50% of the oxygen we inhale. What’s more – those tiny plants absorb some 40% of all CO2 from the air. In short – helping the climate. No wonder that the oceans and seas are called the earth’s blue lungs, supporting the better-known green lungs.

How it all started …

In 2020 Joe Merino introduced its new colour Blue Whale, including a beautiful photo of the actual Blue Whale that was our inspiration. But then Frank Zanderink sent us an email, telling us that he agreed it was a beautiful picture but that it was a picture of a humpback whale and not of a blue whale.

Frank turned out to be an ecologist and an avid fan of large sea mammals. Fascinated by the role played by large (sea) mammals in our ecosystem, Frank set up the Rugvin foundation. He told us why the whale is key to controlling climate change. We were deeply impressed by the contribution made by whales worldwide to a healthier climate. At the same time we were surprised that we had never heard or read about this before. We knew we had to help spread the message, and urgently so. And according to Frank the best message would be to raise awareness of the whale’s importance. Because of the ongoing threats to whales Frank’s foundation has started the Whale Poo Ambassadors movement. We at Joe knew right away we had to join this movement. Not just by spreading the message, but by taking practical action. So we decided to finance the so-called seamulation. The seamulation shows how critical whales are for the climate, and explains the threats to them and thus to us.

And let’s be honest – which pullover brand has an interest in the earth heating up…?


Joe Merino is one of the proud sponsors of the Whale Poo Seamulation. Click below to watch the trailer. If you would like to learn more, open the whale poo seamulation. Take over the controls and you decide how to make the world a more beautiful place, making the climate healthier and saving biodiversity. You too can become a Whale Poo Ambassador. How? Be prepared to be amazed – read the story and spread the word!


It all started with the introduction of our new colour Blue Whale. Like this colour? Click here and see all our styles.

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