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1. Where can I buy Joe Merino?
Simple. You buy your Joe from Joe. Right here, from our website! Or drop in at one of our stores in Amsterdam, Antwerpen or Düsseldorf.

2. What is Merino Wool?
Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep. The Merino sheep is known for the high quality and exceptional properties of its wool. The wool we use mainly comes from sheep in Australia and New Zealand, where the wool’s quality is the best because of the weather conditions. If you’d like to learn more about the source of our wool, please go to our page on sustainability.

3. How are those sheep treated?
Most of our wool comes from farms in New Zealand and Australia, and some from farms in Argentina and South Africa. We buy this wool through a reputable German supplier called Südwolle. Definitely not a price fighter, Südwolle is a member of ZQ which set up a program through the New Zealand Merino Company “to help people understand that their textile choices could be a reflection of their beliefs - you are what you wear and that Merino, done the right way, is a smart and sustainable choice.” The ZQ brand guarantees that the Merino wool complies with ZQ’s five core values: Animal welfare, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, traceable to source and qualify fibre. The major (and ever-increasing) part of the wool used by Joe meets all those core values.

4. Who makes your pullovers?
For the pullovers (flat knit) we have been working with the same workshop in Shanghai for years. The owner of this workshop has a share in Joe. Working conditions in the factory are good. The workers get paid around 20% more than usual. Lighting is good, toilets are clean and the workers get lunch every day. Read more on our page on sustainability.

5. How do Joe’s sizes run?
All our pullovers are slim fit. They are long enough for you not to have to worry about crop-up! For the really tall among us (taller than 1.95 m) we have Extra tall sizes.

6. How do I know which size to order?
Don’t worry. We have bundled all our experience into the size calculator. Enter your data and the calculator will estimate your size.

7. Are Joe Merino pullovers machine-washable?
Most definitely. Of course only if you set your machine to the wool cycle (30 degrees max), and the spin cycle at 600 maximum. Use just a few drops of a special wool detergent. Read more about this on our page about maintaining your Joe.

8. How about deals, offers and discounts?
Joe’s are classics. Timeless. And everyone knows classics only increase in value! But all joking aside. We buy and sell all our products at a fair price. Anywhere. Anytime. You buy Joe exclusively from us, meaning you will never see a Joe offered at a lower price elsewhere. Still – Joe will give you a discount if you buy more products in one go, reducing our overhead and showing us that you trust us. And we like to reward that trust. The Buy More Save More deal applies online and in our stores, and in various combinations.


1. How long before Joe arrives in my mailbox?
If you order before 3 pm on working days, we will send your order out that very same day. Orders placed in the weekend will go out on the following Monday. When you Joe arrives depends heavily on where you live. Read more about this here.

2. Can I change my order?
If you give us a ring or send us an e-mail before 1 pm on the same (working) day you ordered, there is a good chance we can still make changes! Contact us.

3. What are my payment options?
If you order online, you can use any of the following payment methods:
- iDeal
- Bancontact
- Credit card
- SOFORT Banking
- PayPal

In our stores you can pay:
- Cash
- By creditcard
- By debit card

4. What is your return policy?
Very relaxed. Returns are always free of charge. No need to rush to the post office – as long as you didn’t wear them, you may return items you’re not happy with any time. Using the returns label that comes with every order, or at one of our stores. More information about returns.

5. I have returned my Joe. What now?
As a rule it takes 2 - 4 days before we receive returns. Expect us to process your return within one working day. We will confirm receipt by e-mail.

6. How long before I get a refund?
We process returns the day they come in. Depending on how you paid when ordering, you will have your money back in your bank or PayPal account the next working day. Credit card usually takes a little longer.

7. In my account the order status says ‘complete’ but still no sign of Joe!
‘Complete’ means that we have shipped your order, not that it has been delivered. You can follow your order by checking the track and trace code you received.

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