Tomorrow’s Knitwear


As you know, we at Joe like to say sustainability starts with making conscious choices’. In our case that means choosing clothes that you wear a lot and that last you a long time. And if there’s a hole in your knitwear or if you are ready for a change, fix it or pass it on (repair or reuse). And when that sad time has come that Joe has really come to the end of its useful life, take it to a recycled clothes bank, or even better: take it to one of our stores and put it in the special recycle bin. We will then make your old Joe part of our Joe Circular collection.

It’s a labour-intensive process. A well-known problem with recycling is that reuse can reduce quality. We need our new circular products to be of the same guaranteed high quality of all our Joe’s. That is why our new Joe Circular Crew and Blanket are made of 50% from old Joe’s, plus 50% new Merino wool for added strength. That means that the Joe Circular collection is still 100% biodegradable and of the same high quality. Joe Circular is knit at The Knitwit Stable in Baambrugge. Close to home. Speaking of sustainability.

For the current collection we reused blue pullovers only. Both the Crew and the Plaid are available in a rich blend of blues, hinting at the history of the pullovers used. And without any redyeing! More and more Joe fans are returning their old Joe pullovers. So we are very happy to say that we could make a bigger batch of the Joe Circular collection, which is not only available in our stores, but online as well.


• first we collect all garments,
• give them a thorough cleaning,
• remove all labels, zippers, buttons, and so on,
• shred them into fibres,
• and spin those fibres together with the new yarns,
• knit them (adding the green stripe) ,
• and wash them again. And hey presto: a new Joe Circular Crew is born.

Joe Circular Crew

Joe Circular Crew is a thick soft pullover in a chunky rib. (660 grams, 19.5 micron). Knit with three strands of yarn but still with the slim fit that Joe is known for. Available in a rich mix of blues that hint at the provenance. Now also available online! Price: EUR 160.

vierluik foto van truien van gerecycled wol

Joe Circular Plaid

Enough ‘old’ Joe’s were returned for Joe to make several Joe Circular Plaids as well. Made of an even thicker yarn than Joe Circular Crew, the plaids (180 x 130 cm) have been knit with two yarns in a garter stitch (1200 gr, 23 micron). Now also available online! Price: EUR 180.

vierluik foto van plaid van gerecycled wol


Our ultimate goal is a Joe Circular made for 100% of recycled wool. This means our quest continues. You can help us by putting the pullovers and cardigans that are beyond repair, or that you no longer wear in the special Recycle Bin in one of our stores in Amsterdam, The Hague, Antwerp, Düsseldorf or Cologne. But: only when they are freshly washed and only pullovers and cardigans (no shirts, socks, or sweats). Sorry, for now it is not possible to send them by post.