Rope-like colour but with bright undertones. A friendly companion to dark trousers.
  1. Classic Scarf Caramel Classic Scarf Caramel
    Classic Scarf Caramel
    €60,-(incl TAX)
  2. Joe Bee Caramel Joe Bee Caramel
    Bee Caramel
    €140,-(incl TAX)
  3. Joe Ribzip Caramel Joe Ribzip Caramel
    Ribzip Caramel
    €160,-(incl TAX)
  4. Joe Zip Caramel Joe Zip Caramel
    Zip Caramel
    €140,-(incl TAX)
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  6. Joe V-neck Caramel Joe V-neck Caramel
    V-neck Caramel
    €110,-(incl TAX)
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