Special edition: Joe Yak

This winter Joe introduces special editions of some of our most popular essentials.
Made of 80% extra fine Merino wool plus 20% yak wool. Perfect for those cold wintry days.


The wool of the majestic Himalayan yak has the same favourable qualities as Merino wool. Mixed in the right ratio these good properties reinforce each other while still affordable. Joe has chosen to add 20% Yak wool to 80% Merino wool. Just like Merino wool yak wool is completely natural, renewable and biodegradable.


Unlike synthetic materials yak and Merino wool are temperature-regulating: The fibres respond actively to changes in body temperature, which ensures that you always feel nice and cosy, both inside and outside. Yak wool adds just that little extra warmth.


Yak wool is antibacterial by nature, just like Merino wool. This means that the wool does not absorb any odours and that you will not perspire when wearing your yak Joe. Literally, no sweat!


Yak is often called the new cashmere because it is just as soft (provided they are of the high quality that Joe uses). Yak wool doesn’t pill easily and is much easier to wash than cashmere. And more affordable! And last but not least yak wool is produced responsibly in small quantities.


Good stuff (this goes for people, too, btw) is worth taking good care of. This mix of yak and Merino wool is machine washable, just like any other Joe (wool setting at 30° max, and max. 600-rpm spin cycle). Do not wash too often, just hang outside to air overnight. After all, because yak and Merino wool are antibacterial, dirt does not really get into the fibres.

Joe Yak Beanie

Comfy, functional and soft. Own your style. But remember – one size fits all. And by all we mean anyone close enough to borrow a beanie. Just saying.

In 6 colors

View Yak Beanie
Joe Yak Beanie

Joe Yak Blanket

Sure, this throw will lift your interior. But what’s more: when you’re cold it will lift your spirit and hug you like a friend.

In 6 colors

View Yak Blanket
Yak Blanket

Joe Yak V-Neck

Classic slim-fitting V-neck. Just a little heavier (15%) than our regular Joe V-neck because of the slightly thicker yarn. Extra warm and extra soft because of the Yak wool.

In 6 colors

View Yak V-Neck
Yak V-Neck

Joe Yak Classic Crew

Classic, close-fitting crew-neck pullover. Just a little heavier (15%) than our regular Joe Classic Crew because of the slightly thicker yarn. Extra warm and extra soft because of the Yak wool.

In 6 colors

View Yak Classic Crew
Yak Classic Crew

Joe Yak Zip

Classic close-fitting pullover with a stand-up collar and high-quality zipper. Slightly heavier (15%) than the regular Joe Zip because of the thicker yarn. Extra warm and extra soft because of the Yak wool.

In 6 colors

View Yak Zip
Yak Zip

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